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2021-2022 Volunteer Grants

This year the Commonwealth Government is offering a new round of the popular Volunteer Grants, as part of the our commitment to assist volunteers and encourage volunteering in the electorate of Cook. 


Grants of between $1,000 and $5,000 are available to help community organisations support the efforts of local community volunteers. 


For more information regarding eligibility and criteria click here 


Please note there is a two step process involved in this grant: 

  1. Submission of “Expression of Interest) (EOI) to the Member for Cook
  2. Submission of formal application to Department of Social Services (the Department)



1. Complete an Expression of Interest (below) and submit by Friday 9th April 2021 

OR scan and email a written form to


2. Expressions of Interest will be assessed by the Cook Volunteer Grants Committee (the Committee) between 15th and 20th April 2021. The Committee is made up of a broad range of community members who assess EOI applications impartially.


3. On 22nd April 2021 all EOI applicants will be notified by email of the Committee’s successful and unsuccessful Expressions of Interest.


4. Sometime after the 22nd April 2021 the successful EOI applicants will receive an invitation from the Department with a link to the online portal which opens on 20th May 2021.


5. Upon completion of your online formal grant application, the Department will assess your application. You may be contacted by the Department directly if they require further information from you.


6. Successful grant applications approved by the Department will be notified by the Department. The Department expects payments of Grants to be issued November/December 2021.


Please note approval of your Expression of Interest by the Committee does not guarantee approval of your formal grant application. Your formal grant application via the online portal will be assessed by the
Department of Social Services.


Formal Grant Applications can only be made via the online portal, which opens 20th May after receipt of the email invitation link. The portal closes on 9th June 2021 at 5:00pm. Applications will not be considered after this date.

    Expressions of Interest Form
    Your Details:
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    Proposal Details:
    (What is your proposal/project? - 50 words or less)
    Why is the project important to the organisation and/or community?

    Grants of between $1,000 and $5,000 are available to help community organisations buy equipment such as laptops, pay fuel costs, or assist with volunteer training costs.

    Total Cost of the Project? *
    How much funding are you applying for? *
    How does this project meet the eligibility criteria?

    Does it require council approval? *

    What is the expected start date of your project? *
    What is the expected completion date of your project? *
    What proportion of your organisation’s staff are volunteers? *
    (At least 40% must be volunteers)
    Why is the project important to the organisation and/or community?

    I declare that the details provided above, to the best of my knowledge, are true and correct
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