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The Turnbull Government will invest an additional $321.4 million to bolster the capability of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and strengthen the protection of all Australians.

This represents the largest single funding boost for the AFP’s domestic policing capabilities in a decade, reflecting this Government’s unwavering commitment to the AFP and keeping Australians safe.

The funding will provide for an additional 100 intelligence experts, over 100 tactical response and covert surveillance operators, and almost 100 forensic specialists to advance our fight against crime and terrorism.

The 2017-18 Federal Budget funding, to be delivered over four years, will equip the AFP with new capabilities and greater flexibility to respond rapidly to emerging crimes today, and into the future.

The additional experts will fast-track investigations and lock-up criminals sooner, targeting areas of priority including terrorism, criminal gangs, drugs, organised crime, cybercrime, fraud and anti-corruption.

This will make the AFP a more responsive and robust organisation, with expert skills and world-leading technology at its core. Key elements of the increased funding will comprise:

  • Specialist Response Capabilities: Police negotiators, tactical response officers, bomb response technicians and canine resources specialising in drug, cash and explosive detection.
  • Covert Physical and Technical Capabilities:  Physical surveillance teams, covert online investigators, undercover operation members and police technical teams.
  • Forensics and Intelligence Capabilities: Digital forensics, crime scene investigators, firearms and armoury specialists, biometric experts, forensic intelligence analysts, and operational intelligence professionals.

This is the first step in the AFP’s 10-year plan to deliver a new vision for the organisation, which will define and map its long-term priorities and ensure it has the tools, skills, training and capabilities needed to protect Australians.

The Turnbull Government is committed to ensuring the AFP continues to have every resource and capability necessary to protect our nation and our way of life.