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Cash Flow to Help Fix Local Roads

The Australian and NSW Liberal and Nationals Governments will join forces to turbocharge a program which will improve local roads across regional NSW and create thousands of local jobs.

The Government has committed $191 million to build on the NSW Government’s $500 million Fixing Local Roads program, ensuring even more regional communities benefit faster.


The injection will see $382 million of joint funding allocated to shovel-ready projects able to start in the next 12 months, driving an estimated 3,500 jobs in regional NSW.


The Australian Government’s funding injection is about generating jobs, encouraging spending and stimulating local economies. This is money for small projects which make a big difference in people’s everyday lives right across regional NSW.


It will mean smoother, safer trips to school, to work and to the shops and importantly, it will create much-needed jobs in hundreds of communities as councils start work on these shovel-ready projects.


The NSW Government is also accelerating its funding for the program to get more projects to seal, maintain and repair local roads under way faster.


The Government is not just putting its foot down in terms of delivering this package – it’s turbocharging it to ensure Australia create jobs and create better journeys on the roads that really matter to local communities.


It means communities right across the State will see work starting on the local roads in their area as soon as next month.


The first round of the program would see $250 million of funding for 258 projects in 83 Local Government Areas. Applications for round two of the program will open later this year. 


Projects will need to be delivered within two years of receiving funding, to ensure local communities are benefiting sooner.