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Labor caught out in big power lie!

The Australian public’s concern about rising energy prices is genuine, but Bill Shorten’s is not.  He has deliberately misled the Australian people yet again, much as the Labor Party did with ‘Mediscare’.

Today (14/9/17), the House of Representatives voted to condemn Bill Shorten over his deliberate misleading of the Australian public on power prices.

Labor concocted a figure, which they alleged was based on Australian Energy Regulator (AER) and Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) data, to falsely claim that the average household’s electricity bill in Sydney had increased by $1,000 since the Coalition came to Government.

Labor then went about a campaign to spread this falsehood, with multiple Labor frontbenchers and members repeating the claim in Parliament and on social media, much like Labor’s ‘Mediscare’ tactics.

But the figure has been directly debunked by both the independent AER and AEMC. 

Correspondence tabled in the Parliament today from the AER said:

“The AER has not published any data outlining the price increases claimed…”

Correspondence from the AEMC tabled in Parliament said:

“AEMC figures cannot be the basis of the estimates of price increases published…”

In an admission of guilt, since Labor’s lie was exposed, they have refused to defend or restate their bogus $1,000 claim. This deliberate, deceitful behaviour is further evidence of the Labor Party’s pathological pattern of behaviour to falsify and mislead.

It is true that power prices are rising and that Australians are doing it tough. That’s why it is all the more cruel of Bill Shorten and the Labor Party to peddle these lies.

That’s also why the Turnbull Government is taking action across every element of the power bill to reduce pressure on Australian households and businesses. Only the Coalition can be trusted to deliver a more affordable, reliable power system, and we are:

Getting a better deal for 2 million Australian on their energy bills;

Putting in place tough new gas export controls to ensure greater domestic supplies;

Starting work on Snowy 2.0 which will provide enough power for 500,000 homes; and

Reining in the power of the network companies by restricting appeals that lead to higher prices.

The Australian people cannot afford to have another Labor Government who oversaw a 100 per cent increase in electricity bills when they were last in office. In contrast, the Coalition’s abolition of the Carbon Tax saw the largest fall in electricity prices on record. Labor is the party of higher power prices.