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Safer Communities funding helping Sutherland Shire Council keep our community safe

Together with Sutherland Shire Council Mayor Carmelo Pesce today I officially launched Council’s latest crime prevention and community safety strategy with a new Rapid Deployment CCTV Trailer, aiding in keeping our community safe at events across Sutherland Shire.

The $138,516 Turnbull Government election commitment to Sutherland Shire Council under the Coalition Government’s Safer Communities fund is part of the Government’s commitment to make our streets safer by boosting efforts of local communities to reduce violence and improve safety. This includes providing funding to local government to address crime and anti-social behaviour through security infrastructure.

The TrailerCam system is a rapid deployment, mobile, monitoring system that can be fixed in any location, at any time, without relying on existing or available CCTV infrastructure.

I am pleased to see this funding going towards such practical and versatile technology. This will better protect locals and visitors alike here in our own back yard. I know the Local Area Command will also welcome these resources to assist local police at events in particular.

I am glad we could provide the funding to assist Sutherland Council with their crime prevention initiatives. The Safer Communities Fund will continue to be offered in Cook with Round 2 applications open now.

Sutherland Shire Mayor, Cr Carmelo Pesce said community safety is paramount.

“This is a powerful new tool that will allow Council to provide NSW Police with an extra set of eyes to assist on the ground during events hosted across Sutherland Shire,” he said.

“It has been a joint effort between local and federal stakeholders.

“Federal Treasurer and member for Cook, the Hon. Scott Morrison MP has been a great supporter of this initiative and our community is very grateful.”

The TrailerCam system will be used to monitor traffic, estimate crowd sizes and evaluate weather conditions among many other tasks, ultimately assisting all emergency services in our community.

It can be deployed anywhere across Sutherland Shire and be operational within 20 minutes.

The resource includes: two fixed cameras, PTZ Cameras, Motion Sensors, Panic/duress alert, two-way communication, solar power and 2g/3g/4g mobile connection that will send real times images back to a central police command centre.