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Morrison to Visit UK to Promote AUKUS Bipartisanship

Former Prime Minister and Federal Member for Cook, Hon Scott Morrison MP, will visit the United Kingdom later next week for a series of engagements to discuss and promote the AUKUS agreement.


During the visit Mr Morrison will be highlighting the bipartisan commitment for AUKUS and receiving briefings on the progress of AUKUS in the UK from key Government officials and the UK defence industry.


Mr Morrison said “as founder and architect of the AUKUS agreement I will continue to do all I can to support its success and continue to promote the strong bipartisan support that exists for AUKUS. I am also appreciative to the Government for their assistance with my arrangements during my stay through the UK High Commissioner.”


During his visit Mr Morrison will give an address to the Oxford Union, joining the list of former Prime Ministers who have addressed the forum in the past, as well as participating in a series of other events, including the 40th anniversary of the International Democratic Union and a luncheon event with leading UK Policy think tank, UK Policy Exchange. Mr Morrison is appearing at all these and other events in an honorary capacity.


Mr Morrison said “I was very pleased to accept the invitation to travel to London to attend the IDU anniversary event and to address the Oxford Union.  These events will provide further opportunities to promote AUKUS in the UK, as a key partner“.


The trip to the UK is privately funded with flights and accommodation provided by the International Democratic Union. Mr Morrison is an honorary member of the IDU strategic advisory board. Declarations regarding these arrangements will be made, as usual, on Mr Morrison’s Register of Interest in due course, as required by the Parliament.


Due to these commitments in the UK, Mr Morrison will be absent from the Parliament from June 15-22. Following his formal visit to the UK, Mr Morrison will be taking some time to spend with his family, who will accompany him to the UK, on a private vacation overseas, during the parliamentary break and school holiday period.