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National Homelessness Week

This week starting 3 August 2020 marks National Homelessness Week and is an opportunity for Australians to reflect on the hardships faced by members of our community.


Homelessness can affect anyone at any time and have a
profound impact on those who experience it.


It isn’t just rough sleepers on the street, it can be hidden, people living in boarding houses, sleeping in cars or on couches and living in severely crowded homes.


When access to safe and secure housing is not available it can impact a person’s health and employment, along with their relationships.


It’s been a tough year and for some homelessness may only be one crisis away.


While state and territories have primary responsibility for housing and homelessness, the Government provides $6 billion each year to assist people to pay their rent and improve housing and homelessness outcomes in Australia.


The Government is also investing up to $118 million over five years through the Reconnect program to support people aged 12 to 18 years (or 12 to 21 years for newly-arrived youth) who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness, and their families.


The Reconnect program helps around 7,900 young people each year to stay at school, improve relationships with their family and remain connected with their community.


You can get involved in Homelessness Week by supporting local community organisations.