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NDIS Act Review Community Workshops

We are inviting people with disability, and their carers, families and supporters, to come along to a workshop hosted in communities across Australia to have their say on a review into NDIS processes that will cut red tape and wait times for NDIS participants.



The review will focus on how we can make NDIS processes simpler, quicker and more straight-forward, and remove barriers to positive participant experiences with the NDIS.



The review will lead to the development of a new NDIS Participant Service Guarantee to improve participants’ experiences with the NDIS.



The Guarantee will take effect from 1 July 2020 and will set new standards for the time it takes for key steps in the NDIS process, including access decisions, having an NDIS plan approved or having a plan reviewed.



A particular focus will be on improving processes for children and participants needing specialist disability accommodation, assistive technology, or other services requiring a quote or further approval.



The review will consider what changes may need to be made to the NDIS legislation to support the Guarantee and set new standards into law.


It will not change the design or intent of the NDIS.



It is critical that NDIS participants are at the centre of the review and that we capture what matters to them most.



Details about how to participate in the consultation, as well as accessible resources to help people take part, are available at



The consultation is open until 31 October 2019.