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Shire IMB Community Foundation Grants handed out


When IMB Bank and The Shire… Local Banking merged last year, a new Community Foundation was launched to provide funding specifically for charities and not-for-profits in the Sutherland Shire.

Today (27/6/17) I was pleased to be in attendance when,  IMB Bank CEO Robert Ryan and Shire Community Foundation Chairman, Darryl Chipperfield announced 13 projects to be funded in 2017 as part of the first year’s allocation of $100,000.

The recipients are varied, reflecting the diversity and community spirit within the Sutherland Shire and include the Sylanvale Foundation, Cancer Patients’ Foundation, Police Citizens Youth Clubs, Mens’ Sheds and the Sutherland Hospital.

“IMB Bank has long been a supporter of community groups and events in the Sutherland Shire like our four Bate Bay surf clubs and the Cook Classic.

“To now extend their generosity even further with $100,000 in funding through their Community Foundation is a credit to them.

“I hope other institutions might be inspired to do the same.  I recognise the assistance that such corporate and philanthropic support for our community groups deliver, which provides great benefits to the wider community. 

“Thank you to the IMB Bank CEO Rob Ryan for the establishment of the Shire Community Foundation;  I look forward to seeing the outcomes it will deliver.”

IMB Bank CEO Robert Ryan reflected on the 600 projects previously funded by the IMB Bank Community Foundation, totalling more than $8.6m in financial support.

“At IMB Bank, part of our philosophy is to help our members and our communities to be better off and it’s wonderful and quite humbling to recognise the organisations and initiatives making a real difference in the lives of so many people.

“We are delighted to fund the new Shire Community Foundation, dedicated to assisting people in this region and we have pledged $300,000 over the next three years,” Mr Ryan said.

Shire Community Foundation Chair, Darryl Chipperfield, commended the recipients and thanked them for their dedication to the Shire community.

“Many of these worthwhile projects would not be able to operate without a small army of volunteers who are willing to give up their time and skills to help others,” Mr Chipperfield said.

“We congratulate them and, on behalf of the entire Shire community, recognise and applaud their hard work and selfless commitment.”

2017 Shire Community Foundation recipients

Active Stools for Better Learning
Endeavour Special Kids with a Disability

Compulsive movement is a self-regulating behaviour of some students in the Special Education Unit at Endeavour Sports High. Purpose designed stools that allow movement while remaining seated mean students stay seated longer and demonstrate better learning and behaviour outcomes.

Caringbah Craft Centre
Caringbah Craft Activity Centre for the Disabled

Since 1976, the Caringbah Craft Centre for the Disabled has been providing opportunities for people recovering from stroke and people with disabilities to socialise and to be productive. The purchase of a new Table Saw will enable the centre to improve their manufacture of wooden toys.

Equipment Upgrade
Engadine Rural Fire Brigade

In addition to protecting property and supporting the community through natural disasters, the Engadine Rural Fire Brigade is also responsible for catering to all the Sutherland Shire Brigades when large operations occur. Upgrade of equipment vital to this activity will allow ERFB to continue to provide exceptional catering services.

Equipment for The Birthing Unit
Sutherland Hospital

The Birthing Unit at Sutherland Hospital has five delivery suites. Funding will be used to purchase of equipment for The Birthing Unit including electronic thermometers, baby scales and foetal heart rate monitors.

Focused on the Future
Sutherland Shire Historical Society Inc.

As the birthplace of the nation, the Sutherland Shire has a rich and diverse history. Focused on the Future aims to transfer written and oral history materials into a modern format providing easy access to information via purpose built software and touch screens.

Holding & Helping Families with Disabilities
3Bridges Community Limited

Holding & Helping’s Early Years Support Service provides support for new mothers and families who may be dealing with anxiety, ill health, post-natal depression or disabilities. Seventy volunteers will support these women and their families with practical support delivered via home visits.

Look Good, Feel Better
Cancer Patients Foundation

Look Good, Feel Better is a free community program dedicated to teaching cancer patients how to manage appearance-related side effects caused by cancer treatment. Practical workshops can help women, men and teens rebuild their confidence during a very difficult time.

Mates Shed: Ability Woodworking
SGSCC disAbility

Supporting over 140 clients with a disability in their need to make flexible choices, SGSCC disAbility, plans to provide a Mates Shed where clients can learn new woodworking skills. SGSCC disAbility clients will be involved in the planning and set up of the Mates Shed.

MMS Shed Outfit
Menai Men’s Shed Inc.

With 65 members and space for only 12, the Menai Men’s Shed needs more space. The MMS Shed Outfit include plans to expand the current shed to a 24 x 4 metre space allowing for office and meeting areas as well as metal working space.

New Skills for Shire Potters
Port Hacking Potters Group

Who better to learn from than a master? The Port Hacking Potters Group are learning new skills from the best with a workshop led by a master potter. The workshop will allow members of the Port Hacking Potters Group and members of the public to upgrade their pottery and ceramics skills.

The Inclusive Classroom

People with a profound disability are nine times less likely to participate in activities outside their home and 56% have had trouble with social inclusion. The Inclusive Classroom uses a customised therapeutic horticultural space to allow children and young people to connect with each other, grow and prepare food and improve their communication skills, physical abilities and ultimately their confidence.

The Promise Keeper Project
Enough is Enough Anti Violence Movement Inc.

The Promise Keeper Project delivers multi-media, interactive domestic violence programs to around 2,000 school students from Year 3 to Year 11. The program explores respectful relationships, details the different types of domestic violence though stories of survivors, and explains where kids can find help.

Work, Sweat, Achieve
PCYC Sutherland

PCYC policy states that under 16s can use cardio equipment in the gym, but not weights. The purchase of a treadmill and cross trainer will allow the PCYC to cater for under 16s, providing a space for disadvantaged youth to engage in activities aimed at building resilience, citizenship and improved mental and physical health.