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Modelling by Deloitte shows that Labor’s plan to scrap lower-cost policies would result in a 16 per cent increase in private health insurance premiums for millions of Australians.

That would make cover unaffordable for many individuals, families and pensioners.

Labor has always hated private health insurance. In Government, Labor cut $4 billion from the rebate and means tested it.

Tanya Plibersek even gloated about slashing private health insurance when she was Health Minister:

“Every promise I made I paid for. How did I pay for it? I paid for it by targeting private health insurance.” (Tanya Plibersek – 4 April 2016 – Press Conference)

The Coalition is committed to private health insurance and we’re committed to supporting the 13 million Australians that have taken out cover.

We recognise that every dollar matters to families – and that’s why we’re continuing to invest around $6.4 billion every year in the rebate.

Private health insurance will always be more affordable under the Coalition.

Only last week we announced the lowest change to premiums in 17 years – lower than any year under the Rudd and Gillard governments.

This follows the landmark reforms we announced last year – which includes $1.1 billion of savings that are being passed onto consumers.

We’re continuing our work to take pressure off private health insurance premiums and get better value for all Australians.

By contrast, Labor’s plan would see premiums skyrocket. It would be a terrible outcome for the 13 million Australians that invest their hard-earned dollars in private health insurance.