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Supporting Australian Farmers During Drought

Our Government continues to stand with our drought-affected farmers and regional communities. We’ve committed more than $7 billion to drought. It’s not a set-and-forget response. We continue to listen to farmers and communities affected and will continue to respond.


Our National Drought Response Plan has three parts:




First, and most immediately, we’re helping farmers and graziers who are doing it tough, right now.

We’ve helped over 12,000 farming families, with around $100,000, paid over four years. That’s not a loan, it doesn’t ever have to be paid back. It’s there to help them get through.




We’re supporting those communities that depend on our farmers and are the heart of this country.

  • We’ve provided $1 million each to over 120 councils to get local infrastructure projects off the ground. That helps keep businesses going and locals employed.
  • Funding local charities, like St Vincent de Paul, the Salvation Army, and the Country Women’s Association to provide local support on the ground, including counselling, with a commitment of around $60 million.



We are building a more drought resilient Australia, establishing the $5 billion Future Drought Fund and by putting the infrastructure in place to help us deal with future droughts.


  • We have 21 water infrastructure projects committed to, or on the go right now, all across the country.

Some other initiatives include:


Helping farmers do work on their farms right now to deal with the drought, like installing new bores, pipes and weirs through our $50 million commitment in rebates for on-farm emergency water infrastructure.

  • Providing generous concessional loans to help farmers prepare for, manage through and recover from drought that can save them up to $60,000 in interest a year.
  • Providing tax relief for farmers, with $75 million in taxation measures, including accelerated fodder storage asset depreciation and the Farm Management Deposit Scheme.
  • Providing Rural Financial Counselling to help with financial planning, mentoring and coaching.

National Water Infrastructure Development Fund – Capital Investments


Funding represents Australian Government Commitments


If you’re a farmer or business affected by the drought and in need, for a one-stop shop with all the information about the services and support available, visit


Otherwise, call the below numbers:


To get financial assistance: 13 23 16


To talk to a rural financial counsellor: 1800 686 175


To talk to someone if you’re experiencing stress or anxiety: