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Tougher gun and paedophile laws

16/10/17 This is an important week for law enforcement in our country.

In parliament, the Turnbull Government will take further steps towards protecting the community from gun smugglers, paedophiles and terrorism.

Three important bills are scheduled to be considered:

  • The toughest crackdown on child sex offenders in a generation – including mandatory minimum sentences for these heinous crimes;
  • Increasing penalties for illegal firearms trafficking – including a mandatory minimum sentence for this evil trade; and
  • The strengthening of our anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing regime.

Unfortunately, Labor has previously weakened the measures in our firearms trafficking bill by opposing mandatory minimum sentences for gun smugglers.

Bill Shorten and his Labor Party colleagues have a choice: they can side with the Greens and oppose sensible and practical measures such as mandatory minimums for child sex offenders and firearms trafficking. Or they can protect community safety and support our important reforms.

Labor’s opposition to mandatory minimum sentences is both hypocritical and fickle. They introduced mandatory minimum sentences for people smuggling in 2010.

If a mandatory minimum sentence was appropriate for people smugglers, why shouldn’t the same principle apply to paedophiles and gun smugglers?

Labor has not yet confirmed whether they will support mandatory minimum sentencing for the worst child sex offenders.

Their erratic approach to suit the political interests of the day is a threat to community safety.

A vote against mandatory minimum sentences for gun smugglers is a vote in support of more illegal guns on our streets. A vote against our child sex offender reforms is a vote to allow more convicted paedophiles into the community.

This Government will continue with reforms that continue to make Australia a safer place.